2021 H.C.C. Golf League

Schedule Note: there are two tabs, one shows the schedule the other shows the team captains/contact numbers.  Use this to schedule your time.  You can start anytime after 5:00 on Tuesday's!

Bye week team  from each division will play the bye week team from the other division.

COVID-19 ADJUSTMENTS:        Due to the fluid Covid-19 situation we are forced to make some changes to our league play.  We can play golf but will have limited access to the club house.  This situation could/will change as they state adjusts its rules and regulations.  For the time being here is a list of things ALL teams need to do until further notice.

  1. Weekly schedule will be more important than ever. Please check the website to figure out what team and what side you play.

  2. Scorecards will be available no later than 5:00 on Tuesday’s. They will be hanging in front of the clubhouse on a board.Please feel free to start your round any time after 5:00.Please check the schedule and coordinate your tee time with the opposing team.Once the round is complete leave the scorecard in the box out front and I will pick them up the following day.

    • We are starting earlier to not swamp the bar area right at 6 to avoid a mass cluster of people congregating.For those of you that can play earlier in the day please try to do so.

  3. Alcohol sales: Due to the group size limitations please refrain from congregating inside the clubhouse until further instructed.If you know what you’d like to drink please call your order in ahead of time and the girls will get it ready for you.Please bring your own cooler, and follow their instructions once there. They are working hard to find the best system to fit our needs. Please be patient while we/they sort this out. No food until further notice.

  4. Golf carts:We are all adults and we technically cannot make everyone ride in separate golf carts.Use common sense and try to practice social distancing on the course as well.If you feel like you want/need your own cart please do so.

We are all in this together and I’m trying to make league as fun as possible with these new restrictions.  Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 991-5116. 

Should any team or person not feel safe/comfortable playing in the current environment we are in that is perfectly fine. I want everyone to have fun but feel safe while doing so.