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 Holdrege Country Club Course Rules 

If everyone knows and applies these rules of the course, it makes for more pleasure and enjoyment in the game of golf.

Rules of Play

  1. Observe all golf rules and posted signs.

  2. Rake sand traps.

  3. Repair ball marks on greens and divots in fairways.

  4. Allow faster players to play through if the hole ahead of you is open.  We should be playing 18 holes in 4 hours.

  5. Fishing in the creek should be limited to a short search for your ball.

  6. No player shall begin on #10 if a group is playing on #10 or if a group is playing on #8 or #9 and never on weekends.

  7. Par threes, carts drive on cart paths only.

  8. Do not deposit cigarette butts, sunflower seeds or other foreign objects on or near the putting surface.  

  9. No dogs allowed on course at any time.  Members please keep pets off the course for safety reasons.

Power Carts

  1. Carts will follow paths as outlined by the course superintendent and will stay at least 30 feet from all greens and tee boxes.

  2. Course Superintendent has the authority to close the course and restrict the use of carts.  Only he or the Grounds Chairman has the authority to open the course.

  3. No child under 14 years of age shall operate a club rental cart unless accompanied by an adult.  Annual cart membership requires family member to be 16 years of age.

  4. Must be 16 years of age to rent a cart.

Playing Times

  1. Course will be open for all golfers Monday through Sunday, except during tournaments and scheduled outings.  Check the Calendar on Website ( or our Facebook Page for these events.

  2. Youth golfers (14 and under) are encouraged to play during the week  when accompanied by an adult and observe  golf etiquette.  Youth golfers may play on Saturday and Sunday when accompanied by a parent.  We want to encourage our young players, but parents it is your responsibility to inform the youth golfers of these rules.


  1. Green fees are $25 (9 ), $35 (18) on weekdays and $30 (9) $45 (18) on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.  There is no discount for playing with a member.  Carts are available for rent at a rate of $25 per cart for 18 holes and  $15 per cart for 9 holes; renter is responsible for all damages.  Cart Trail Fee is $20 9/18  for those that bring their own cart.

  2. Every guest must pay a green fee before playing.  Out of county golfers may pay and play as often as they like with or without a member.  Guests age 12 and under play free with a member or green fee paying golfer.  Ages 13-17 green fees are $10 with a member or green fee-paying golfer.  All in county golfers may play and are limited to 3 times per year.  Senior Golfers (age 70 and older) may play 5 times per year.

  3. Bar area is open to members, guests, green fee players and general public.

State Law prohibits any member or guest from bringing any alcoholic beverage on to HCC premises.

To make the season more enjoyable for everyone, please review the following reminders regarding tradition and policies all golfers should follow during the season.

 Dress Code

Holdrege Country Club is member owned, with the aim of a relaxed, but conservative dress code. Tasteful and appropriate attire is expected at all times. Members are asked to willingly comply with the code and to make their family & guests aware of the requirements and ensure they comply.

Our staff has been authorized by the Board of Directors to enforce the dress code and has their permission to refuse service to anyone not in compliance. Persons not meeting these requirements will be asked to comply or may be refused access to the club and its facilities. Rules cannot be written that can possibly address every instance of inappropriate dress, but here are some requirements:

For MEN:

Men are required to wear collared shirts or appropriate tee shirts.  Denim, khaki or dress pants and shorts are required. Frayed or excessively baggy pants/shorts  and tank tops are not permitted.


Women are required to wear golf appropriate tops or sleeves. Pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts are permitted.

The above guidelines apply to junior golfers as well as adult golfers. Please note that all members are responsible for their guests’ adherence to our dress code. Please make sure your guests are aware of our policy prior to their arrival at the Club.

If you need further clarification regarding our golf course dress code, please contact the Club at 308-995-5744


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